Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Symposium (interesting stuff)

So i was googling the Symposium and found lots of info on the story and what it meant etc etc. Then i found a link to JAWS: Journalism And Women Symposium. Its a group of journalists/educators/etc to as they say, "meet in an atmosphere of mutual support, professional growth and a chance to excercise the tongue instead of biting it." I thought it was interestingly relevant. One, it was a women's group to speak out in journalism, and they call it recording "news." On this page there were many "click here" information, including people's blogs from this group. In several of these blogs, they stressed the idea that they as journalist "need to differentiate newspapers from radios, magazines, and other sources of news," and "to discern the difference between showing images and writing text in real time of what is happening and developing thoughtful, insightful journalism that puts these events in context with balance and multidimensional reporting."
It sounds great, and i thought it was sort of funny, that there was a group for women to meet in symposia to discuss. (i also wonder how professional it is like a meeting, or one of those things where my aunt's political friends come over to discuss their lobbying while drinking BEAUCOUP DE VIN! they tend to get loud and giggly after several bottles of wine) Anyways, since it was normally the men who got together to discuss what ever it was they wanted to, it was interesting that there was a women's group created that actually used the word Symposium.
And this group continually discussed about writing in context and making it insightful...well so far what i've read considered "news" isn't written to excitingly, just biased and blatant where the reader pretty much only needs the headline to know what happened. This usually doesnt inspire much more thought from the reader or application. So it sounds to me, they are to simply make what they write more concise and professional...maybe they should think about what will get the reader interested in reading? then again its as if we've become lazy and dont want to think too maybe they could just add in little stories of the past and how they own or connect to the now, sort of slowly get the human mind to want to think haha...or maybe they should just take this class from Dr. Sexson...

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