Sunday, February 8, 2009

So a bad day...It was a couple of days ago. I went to bed in a bad mood. I was stressed and behind in school and work was startin to get to me. I figured if i crashed early i'd wake up in a good mood with lots of sleep. Instead, however, i woke up in a worse mood and stayed that way for the rest of the day. During this day i ended up getting all fired up over a discussion in one of my classes and realized we could have all handled that situation a bit better. So that flustered me. Then i talked to my mom and heard kids laughing and screamin running through the house and got homesick. Of course that didn't help matters. Some how i turned it off and went to work with my kiddos and we had a good ol time. But i got back to my appartment tried to lay down for 15 mins and was all tensed up, still in a damn foul mood. haha. so i went to the gym and felt amazing after that! .... Hmmm...the role of suffering?... Well i realized i hate being in a bad mood or having the off days. But i always find some new tool to use when it happens. And occasionally i just need an off day to put me back on the ground to look around and realize the important things in this life. And of course thinking of suffering and why things happen the way they do. There is always some reason or some person to blame. Dr. Sexon mentioned scapegoating. One of my other lit professors showed us a painting of a scapegoat after reading, i believe The Lottery or something that was in that weeks lesson. Anyhow here is a pic of it.

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