Friday, February 13, 2009


Skittles was the name of my silver sable pomeranian. No, she was not meant to be a football, and no, she was not a yapper. I trained her well. She used to go intertubing with us on the river and irrigation canal, even went camping. Skittles loved car rides and even though i went away to school, she always met me at my car each visit home. Then over christmas break i had decided that once i went home i would bring her back to bozeman and sneak her into my appartment. However, i came home one week too late. We live next to my grandparents and they have several small dogs of their own. One of these dogs, who doesn't deserve a name, or a burial when she dies (apparently much like Creon had thought Polyneices and Eteocles didn't). This dog always started the fights and beat on the other dogs, even killed my dog's puppies on both litters. And she would do it at night so everyone was less likely to wake up. This dog was smart, well evil. Anyway, this go around she killed my dog right before i got home. Since its the middle of winter with ground still frozen, Skittles is awaiting her burial. She is in a freezer right now till the ground thaws. In a way it is funny, but thats all we can do, she diserves a "funeral." I told my grandparents that the evil dog better be gone when i get home or it will disappear. That dog wasn't gone when i got home, but they said they would do something about her. My youngest sister is turning 5 in about two weeks. I will be returning home, and i will seek revenge if its not gone. I won't tell anyone, but i'll take her far away and dump her at someone's house or take her to the pound. That in itself sounds evil, but she's not hardly a pet, she just eats, makes evil babies, and kills other dogs. So here soon i will take revenge for my dog, Skittles. Then shortly after that, spring will be here, and i will be able to burry my dog. Then she will be in the ground, and provide nourishment for the spring flowers, or alfalfa plants...unlike the evil mutt who will probably be euthanized. It is a sad tragedy with a little humor and vendetta.

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