Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Symposium (interesting stuff)

So i was googling the Symposium and found lots of info on the story and what it meant etc etc. Then i found a link to JAWS: Journalism And Women Symposium. Its a group of journalists/educators/etc to as they say, "meet in an atmosphere of mutual support, professional growth and a chance to excercise the tongue instead of biting it." I thought it was interestingly relevant. One, it was a women's group to speak out in journalism, and they call it recording "news." On this page there were many "click here" information, including people's blogs from this group. In several of these blogs, they stressed the idea that they as journalist "need to differentiate newspapers from radios, magazines, and other sources of news," and "to discern the difference between showing images and writing text in real time of what is happening and developing thoughtful, insightful journalism that puts these events in context with balance and multidimensional reporting."
It sounds great, and i thought it was sort of funny, that there was a group for women to meet in symposia to discuss. (i also wonder how professional it is like a meeting, or one of those things where my aunt's political friends come over to discuss their lobbying while drinking BEAUCOUP DE VIN! they tend to get loud and giggly after several bottles of wine) Anyways, since it was normally the men who got together to discuss what ever it was they wanted to, it was interesting that there was a women's group created that actually used the word Symposium.
And this group continually discussed about writing in context and making it insightful...well so far what i've read considered "news" isn't written to excitingly, just biased and blatant where the reader pretty much only needs the headline to know what happened. This usually doesnt inspire much more thought from the reader or application. So it sounds to me, they are to simply make what they write more concise and professional...maybe they should think about what will get the reader interested in reading? then again its as if we've become lazy and dont want to think too maybe they could just add in little stories of the past and how they own or connect to the now, sort of slowly get the human mind to want to think haha...or maybe they should just take this class from Dr. Sexson...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

test notes

1. hubris - pride or arrogance
2. what are the elusinian mysteries?
Done-reanactment of the abduction of persephone
Said-rain, conceive
Shown-stalk of wheat or corn
3. 5 conflicts discussed by steiner in order :)
1 men vs women
2 old vs young
3 individual vs state
4 living vs dead
5 gods vs mortals
4. epithet-handle, EX: "trim ankles" for persephone
5. which two characters exemplify most of the 5 conflicts in Antigone?
-creon, antigone
6. sticomythia - rapid succession of one-liners (prob given an example)
7. Sparagmos - tearing of LIVE flesh (but not MY flesh! haha)
8. anthropocentric - in context of greek tragedy, human, vs. theocentric, of god
9. Miasma - pollution, p.X in the intro
10. ~antigone's view of politics-
~notion of moving target-
~meaning of creons name-
11. Eternal return referring to ground hogs day lecture
~endless repetition of things
~elusinian mysteries --> cycles --> seasons
12. who is Hermes like?
~Stewie from family guy
13. Thurough said we should read the ____ vs. the ____ (check out Rio's blog)
14. Who is guilty or taking one above and throwing her below?
15. In Illo Tempore- "in the great time" vs "in the beginning"
16. Which 2 mythological figures are polytropic?
~Hermes, odeseus
17. 3 Great tragedians...
~escolys, sophocles, euripides
18. God of cross roads...
19. Agon- conflict, contest between 2 people (thinking of rap competitions)
20. All that is past possesses the future
21. The two best things that happen to us according the Chorus in Antigone...
#1 is to never have been born
#2 is to die
22. Sarvam ___ & ___ = all is suffering, all is fleeting
23. define antigone
~against birth
24. What infant injury does oedipus recieve?
~ holes in his ankles
25. Hermes response to innocense:
"i was born yesterday"
26. what happened with Robert Johnson at the crossroads
~sold his soul to the devil to acquire guitar playin skills
27. Frued says we laugh so as not to cry
28. to make something anagogic:
~going into or getting to the heavenly realm
29. Senex
~ preventing of fun or good time old preventing young from a good time?
(only a base)


Steiner response

On page 241, Steiner compares Antingone's victimization and feminity. He says that she, "dies a virgin, and therefore, unfulfilled in respect of her sexual identity." He is referencing marriage and childbearing. She is denied her sexual identity.
I found it interesting that this is viewed as a punishment. In line 523, Antigone says, "I cannot side with hatred. My nature sides with love." and Creon responds, "got to Hades, then, and if you have to love, love someone dead. As long as i live, i will not be ruled by a woman." Their conflict continues, Ismene enters, and at line 571 Creon says to Ismene, "I loathe bad women. She's not for my son....(line 575) Not me. Death will put a stop to this marriage." Creon denies Antigone of her throne once married, denies her love, and denies her of any procreation to continue the family through her father. All of this...procreation or childbearing is specific to the female. The main sense of power for a female is taken be continued! off to class!

Friday, February 13, 2009

This is skittles, all of my cousins goin for a swim along with skittles, and skittles playin with sadee my coon.


Skittles was the name of my silver sable pomeranian. No, she was not meant to be a football, and no, she was not a yapper. I trained her well. She used to go intertubing with us on the river and irrigation canal, even went camping. Skittles loved car rides and even though i went away to school, she always met me at my car each visit home. Then over christmas break i had decided that once i went home i would bring her back to bozeman and sneak her into my appartment. However, i came home one week too late. We live next to my grandparents and they have several small dogs of their own. One of these dogs, who doesn't deserve a name, or a burial when she dies (apparently much like Creon had thought Polyneices and Eteocles didn't). This dog always started the fights and beat on the other dogs, even killed my dog's puppies on both litters. And she would do it at night so everyone was less likely to wake up. This dog was smart, well evil. Anyway, this go around she killed my dog right before i got home. Since its the middle of winter with ground still frozen, Skittles is awaiting her burial. She is in a freezer right now till the ground thaws. In a way it is funny, but thats all we can do, she diserves a "funeral." I told my grandparents that the evil dog better be gone when i get home or it will disappear. That dog wasn't gone when i got home, but they said they would do something about her. My youngest sister is turning 5 in about two weeks. I will be returning home, and i will seek revenge if its not gone. I won't tell anyone, but i'll take her far away and dump her at someone's house or take her to the pound. That in itself sounds evil, but she's not hardly a pet, she just eats, makes evil babies, and kills other dogs. So here soon i will take revenge for my dog, Skittles. Then shortly after that, spring will be here, and i will be able to burry my dog. Then she will be in the ground, and provide nourishment for the spring flowers, or alfalfa plants...unlike the evil mutt who will probably be euthanized. It is a sad tragedy with a little humor and vendetta.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"News!" haha. mythical birthplace of zeus may have been found

Smokey and the Bandit! These guys have epithets or "handles." Smokey Bear (Sherrif) and the Bandit (just like hermes). In the movie, these two interesting characters with lots of money make a bet with Burt Reynolds say he can't bootleg a load of beer across state lines for $80,000. So the Bandit (Burt Reynolds) adds to this deal sayin he'll need a speedy car, the transam. He gets his old trucker buddy, snow man, to get in on the deal. The bandit is the runner the trixter, like hermes, or the distractor so snow man can drive his illegal load across state lines. The movie is full of humor, as we were discussing the intro to tragedy, and mirrors Hermes. So I thought watching this movie again was entertainingly relevant. : Robert Johnson, Exposed

mercury/hermes, messenger of the gods, guide of the dead and protector of merchants, gamblers, liars and thieves.god of commerce, trade and profit. Just some different versions of them with the sceptor and or serpents...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So a bad day...It was a couple of days ago. I went to bed in a bad mood. I was stressed and behind in school and work was startin to get to me. I figured if i crashed early i'd wake up in a good mood with lots of sleep. Instead, however, i woke up in a worse mood and stayed that way for the rest of the day. During this day i ended up getting all fired up over a discussion in one of my classes and realized we could have all handled that situation a bit better. So that flustered me. Then i talked to my mom and heard kids laughing and screamin running through the house and got homesick. Of course that didn't help matters. Some how i turned it off and went to work with my kiddos and we had a good ol time. But i got back to my appartment tried to lay down for 15 mins and was all tensed up, still in a damn foul mood. haha. so i went to the gym and felt amazing after that! .... Hmmm...the role of suffering?... Well i realized i hate being in a bad mood or having the off days. But i always find some new tool to use when it happens. And occasionally i just need an off day to put me back on the ground to look around and realize the important things in this life. And of course thinking of suffering and why things happen the way they do. There is always some reason or some person to blame. Dr. Sexon mentioned scapegoating. One of my other lit professors showed us a painting of a scapegoat after reading, i believe The Lottery or something that was in that weeks lesson. Anyhow here is a pic of it.