Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Steiner response

On page 241, Steiner compares Antingone's victimization and feminity. He says that she, "dies a virgin, and therefore, unfulfilled in respect of her sexual identity." He is referencing marriage and childbearing. She is denied her sexual identity.
I found it interesting that this is viewed as a punishment. In line 523, Antigone says, "I cannot side with hatred. My nature sides with love." and Creon responds, "got to Hades, then, and if you have to love, love someone dead. As long as i live, i will not be ruled by a woman." Their conflict continues, Ismene enters, and at line 571 Creon says to Ismene, "I loathe bad women. She's not for my son....(line 575) Not me. Death will put a stop to this marriage." Creon denies Antigone of her throne once married, denies her love, and denies her of any procreation to continue the family through her father. All of this...procreation or childbearing is specific to the female. The main sense of power for a female is taken be continued! off to class!

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