Wednesday, February 18, 2009

test notes

1. hubris - pride or arrogance
2. what are the elusinian mysteries?
Done-reanactment of the abduction of persephone
Said-rain, conceive
Shown-stalk of wheat or corn
3. 5 conflicts discussed by steiner in order :)
1 men vs women
2 old vs young
3 individual vs state
4 living vs dead
5 gods vs mortals
4. epithet-handle, EX: "trim ankles" for persephone
5. which two characters exemplify most of the 5 conflicts in Antigone?
-creon, antigone
6. sticomythia - rapid succession of one-liners (prob given an example)
7. Sparagmos - tearing of LIVE flesh (but not MY flesh! haha)
8. anthropocentric - in context of greek tragedy, human, vs. theocentric, of god
9. Miasma - pollution, p.X in the intro
10. ~antigone's view of politics-
~notion of moving target-
~meaning of creons name-
11. Eternal return referring to ground hogs day lecture
~endless repetition of things
~elusinian mysteries --> cycles --> seasons
12. who is Hermes like?
~Stewie from family guy
13. Thurough said we should read the ____ vs. the ____ (check out Rio's blog)
14. Who is guilty or taking one above and throwing her below?
15. In Illo Tempore- "in the great time" vs "in the beginning"
16. Which 2 mythological figures are polytropic?
~Hermes, odeseus
17. 3 Great tragedians...
~escolys, sophocles, euripides
18. God of cross roads...
19. Agon- conflict, contest between 2 people (thinking of rap competitions)
20. All that is past possesses the future
21. The two best things that happen to us according the Chorus in Antigone...
#1 is to never have been born
#2 is to die
22. Sarvam ___ & ___ = all is suffering, all is fleeting
23. define antigone
~against birth
24. What infant injury does oedipus recieve?
~ holes in his ankles
25. Hermes response to innocense:
"i was born yesterday"
26. what happened with Robert Johnson at the crossroads
~sold his soul to the devil to acquire guitar playin skills
27. Frued says we laugh so as not to cry
28. to make something anagogic:
~going into or getting to the heavenly realm
29. Senex
~ preventing of fun or good time old preventing young from a good time?
(only a base)


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