Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I personally thought the name Doso for Demeter was an interesting catch. After Dr. Sexson mentioned that the name meant sorrow, and that Dolores also comes from the word dolorous meaning sorrowful, I thought of my grandmother. The sorrowful mother. This is a little personal, but not detailed and I don't mind. My grandma's name is Dolores. Its sadly a fitting name. She no longer speaks to 3 of her 5 children due to numerous idiotic immature reasons on their part. She used to be so depressed. But she became pretty resilient. There is another line in To Demeter: Goddess, you must give up your noisy grieving-you'll have no benefit from endless anger (line 82) Though lady Demeter has yet to complete the 5 stages of grief at this moment, watching a person or character go through these is interesting. My grandma has...sorta...she's working on forgiveness i think, but i don't think she'll ever speak to them again. She feels too much betrayal. But she no longer dwells and tries not to worry so much. She's a lot happier trying to get over her anger. Another line portraying importance of human emotion pertaining to holding grudges is line 360: Persephone, go to your dark-robed mother, and foster in your heart a gentle temper-and do not let what happened make you wretched. Granted these events "suck" and holding grudges can eat you alive, but can a person blame either of them? I wouldn't blame them for being angry. Also it brings up the expectation for women to be submissive and passive...posh...i don't know about anyone else but i'm gonna express my feelings.

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