Monday, March 2, 2009

As a quick vent before normal blogging again:
Next time we get a freak winter storm, i hope the roads find you all safe! And i hope that other people dont forget how to drive in snow and ice: sloooooow and not following too close behind a person that you can't stop if they do.
I was rear-ended on thursday after class. Trying to keep up with my busy classes and busy work schedule, this obviously did not help with the stress! phew...
But it doesn't look like the frame was damaged and so not a total loss :) i owe thanks to someone or something...Maybe Demeter, for though the crazy winter so close to spring brought this on, i did not die or lose my car haha! ...ah the joys of laughter, putting humor in tragedy works! i do not feel as sullen and defeated as i had thursday, friday, or even saturday! Now just to get a move on catching up!
Holy shit! ... $4,000.00 to fix is the estimate i just found out! (but the other insurance co. covers it!)
PHEW! ... and it always could have been worse...

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