Friday, March 6, 2009

hurdling insults

Oh man, where do i start, which story shall i tell?
I've got the girls nights where we sit and have a few king's cup or truth or dare jenga. Those games always let out some interesting stories, which procede to teasing. The teasing leads to the insult hurdling. We think of every little kid insult we can, like: butt-face, dork, poop-head...yes we are that mature haha. Usually after throwing insults and we can think of anything "good" to say back, it turns physical and we start wrestling.
Then again there was a not-so-playful banter last summer. My ex-roommate was...a little unstable...If she got mad, she would write me a note and stick it on the counter. Then she'd leave for a day or two. Most of the time it was because people came over that she didnt like. The notes usually said something along the lines of : "You know, i don't appreciate...," or "Thanks for taking a shower when i had to work..." or the best one was when we were paying half the rent, half the utilities, found the appt together and signed a lease..."We agreed you could move in with me, and my rules are..." At that point in the last note, i did not finish reading. I crumpled it up and started toward her room. She came up the stairs and i told her we needed to act like adults and she shut her bedroom door. i continued to yell, "This is my home too! Quit being so stupid! You didn't like the notes from the last roommate and now your doing it to me. I refuse to put up with this shit again! If you'd act mature and more adult-like we wouldnt have this big of a problem. You want me out? say the word and i'll leave you with the rent for yourself!" She never said another thing to me. So i moved out. Its too bad our friendship ended but communication doesn't work with one person. Even if the communication is hurdling insults, it only works if both do it.
So i guess we have fun and not-so-much fun hurdling insults occasionally.

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