Tuesday, March 10, 2009

phallocentricism and the related

So i was mistaken by what it means to be phallocentric. It means centered on the masculine point of view. That brings up the issue of male privelege. We discussed As You Like It briefly, where Rosalind disquises herself as a man. Its been a long time since we performed this in speech and drama in highschool. But from what i remember, she was disquised to be able to have a little more freedom while running away, all the while she falls in love with Orlando while disquised. Celia and Rosalind are pretty comic in some places. Its an interesting twist to experience the male privelege, for women who didn't have the same rights as men. Even authors such as the bronte sisters or characters in Louisa may alcotts books, the women diguise their names as male to be able to have their writings published. That sounded like a good idea but they still didnt get credit, it was their male counterparts. We still live in a phallocentric world. Women still only make 70-80 cents for the man's dollar. ((to be continued))

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