Monday, April 6, 2009

some recappage

I am sittin here jammin out to the J. Geils Band, "love stinks" in particular, rereading some blogs i found interesting and decided to just blog my test review to help my memory. so here goes:

Athenian Women: their good behavior wouldn't uphold under pressure = weak, uncontrolled, consumers, made no choides = victims, legitamacy of children/citizenship, wives are expenseive troublesome necessity, homoerotic love = women weren't fully human, conception through copulation = undesirable (this will coincide with phallocentricism, my thesis)

Greek comedy: language, no prose, stanzas: strophe, antistrophe, comedy is reactive, tragedy is about universe, old comedy responds to stimulus, comic here unites what was chaotic, come chorus represents arrival of wierd new world, speeches toward specifics

Zach M's blog about Imaginary Life, he mentions the "power of names plays with our minds." A label for anything does play with our minds, we've got stereotype knowledge, then activation, then application. It is a very interesting aspect of our society to study. Stereotyping is part of that separation from nature or cultures we so adamently sexlude.

Ben's blog on the symposium made me laugh. He mentioned socrates as the D.D. he said there's always someone that drives no matter how sober they think they are or no matter how much htey have drank. He calls this person the maniac, or fool, boy do i know that friend that nearly always drives us around. Maniac or fool is a good definition for them. and Ben also says that the maniac usually has the most insighfuly lines or is the most entertaining. This is true of our bonfire nights in hyalite. This one friend of ours usually comes up with the bright ideas of Hot Potato with snowballs lit in fire as the hot potato.

And i am sad to say that i have not yet recieved the Rock of class. I hope to, but in case not, i am responding to Chloe. She describes the rock and the dirt and bugs that may have been or is on it. When i think of rocks, i always think of history, its story where it came from. Since i was about 5 years old, i had always wanted to be a paleontologist and dig up dinosaur bones. I think i still have a rock collection from youth back home. But this career is on hold, and will be a retirement hobby/career. past possess present and leads future...

aristophanes:tally how we love eachother
socrates:love is wanting, philosopher
alcibiades: love for socrates

anamnesis: you know everything there is to know, its a matter of remembering
nostos: homecomming

niobe:weeping stone
acteon: stag
narcissus: flower
echo: echo
atalanta: lion
pentheus: boar
4 ages: gold, silver, bronze, iron = definitive myth of declination
arachne: spider
mira: pregnant tree
tiresias: man 2 woman woman 2 man
midas: ass's ears
pyramus thysbe: mulberries red, romeo juliet
calisto : bears/constilations

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