Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a recorded converstation

This was a conversation i happened upon when i was swing dancing at the SOB barn.

“How were you this moring?

“Draggin a little, you?

“Oooh, I went to church DRUNK. Ha ha.”

“Ha, yeah I bet, you guys put away a lot of alcohol.”

“Yeah, ha ha. Well thank you and if I can ever DD for you on my bicycle, I will.

“Ha! Gee, I’ll keep that in mind. You’ll have to come party with me and the boys. We certainly have a good time.”

“Oh ya?”

“Uh huh. I’ve done away with 26 beers one night.”

“What?! No! Your so tiny…and a chick! You lack the special enzyme to digest alcohol too.”

“Yes I did! Ha ha.”

“No way. That’s like…three gallons!”

“Seriously. I grew up in Poland and have been drinking since I was thirteen. I have a high tolerance”

“Huh………………..I wonder how much alcohol it takes a bear to get drunk.”

“Oh my god! Only you Patrick. Haha. Lets dance!”

“Mmm, Cherry Poppin Daddies? Ok. Lets get busy!”

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