Wednesday, April 22, 2009

reflecting on my term paper

My little sister is so resilient to hardships. She is happy and content most of the time. But i do worry about her "getting bored." She's got to stay busy or she starts getting in sneaking out haha. And rarely, but occasionally she gets caught up in the drama of group settings. She falls as hunter against the differences and becomes a follower of stereotypes sometimes. Maybe its the age, but i really hope she finds something that helps her keep to her own way, much like i have/do (a constant process) through literature, art, and psychology. They are a constant reminder of what can happen, what does happen, and what it feels like when it does happen... It, referring to ostracizing or keeping differences separate. For example, in my work field and major study, i feel what "different" people feel everyday. I work with special needs kids and their families. The look or vibes people give in public are that of sympathy, yikes, geez keep that kid under control. But at least it is attention, sometimes people avoid looking at us and pretend we aren't there. And maybe they are uncomfortable, but part of my repsonsibility which is becomming easier, is socializing with "my kiddos." To change the stigma, we say hello to people and of course thank you or how are you. I try to give off the impression that all is ok (not well, but ok) and that we are not that different, well we are, but we are cool and diserve to be responded to in a positive way. Ha ha. These kids are just amazingly cool, they make me laugh and help me to remember how to be a kid, or rather just to be myself and enjoy life as it comes. Studying others writings allows me to think and see things as a new or new rememberance of things too (a little anamnesis ... and i am experiencing a little metamorphosis i guess...huh...well one change always changes something else. so it should be fun to watch and be involved with everything)

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